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Aerospace & Defense

Advanced Machining has a long history of meeting the demanding requirements of the aerospace & defense industries with regards to quality certifications, documentation requirements, schedule, and execution of advanced manufacturing and inspection methods. We have partnered with many of our aerospace and defense customers to develop machining strategies for new materials. We have also created new manufacturing processes to meet cost targets in mature programs.


We have successfully manufactured components and assemblies for use in nuclear fuel production and oil and gas exploration. Nuclear reactors and deep wells require components engineered and machined with zero probability of failure. Our advanced machining processes also support the requirements of newer energy technologies such as hydrogen fuel cells, wind, solar, geothermal, and hydropower.


We are equipped to handle the mix of stringent quality and aesthetic requirements, difficult materials, and complex geometry. Our medical customers often require aggressive delivery schedules and small-batch sizes. Our manufacturing strategies include shop-wide implementation of common tooling and palletization permitting a rapid and flexible response to schedule changes and allowing economic production of small batches with a high degree of automation.

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